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November 2017

    Microbladed Brows

    As many of you know the new thing to do it have your eyebrows (lips or eyeliner) tattooed. The actual tattoo is unlike your typical one as it’s done with iron based pigments that will absorb into your body over time – thus fading your tattoo. But honestly when it comes to your face fading away is a lot better than lasting forever because lets face it, trends change, and we change!

    This was my second time having my eyebrows microbladed, the first time I had some trouble with healing and the tattoo sadly did not last. That being said I was still up to try again. I came across Carolina’s instagram page and after seeing posts of other dark haired ladies with beautiful brows I had to send her a message + book!

    In the initial appointment you get to chat about your brows and what you want, she then measures your face and outlines where she will add the hair strokes. Then you sit with numbing cream for around 20 minutes and then start! The process isn’t entirely painless, but she continues to numb you if you’re experiencing pain. As you can see in the photo below, I have basically no hair after my arch, she put a lot of strokes in the area so that it would match the density of my existing eyebrow hairs (this is also because my brow hairs are super dark where I have them). The bottom photo is right after my appointment, the next couple of days after your brows appear much darker and more defined, they then begin to flake off (sort of like dandruff) and they look a bit faded. This is normal. After a couple weeks they begin to get a bit darker and take their true colour!

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    Top: Before Tattoo | Bottom: After initial tattoo


    Top: Before Tattoo | Middle: After initial appointment | Bottom: After touchup

    I am so incredibly happy that I got them done, and I would really recommend investing in having your eyebrows tattooed if its something that bothers you or if you’re just looking to simplify your makeup routine!

     You can check out her website here, and her instagram has a ton of great photos for reference.

    You can also check out photos on my personal instagram page @jadedallasharms.

    Would you consider having your eyebrows tattooed? Let me know in the comments!

    Until next time,

    Review : BITE BEAUTY The Lip Pencil

    Earlier this month I received a package with 2 of the new BITE beauty lip pencils + 2 mini amuse bouche lipsticks. Talk about a dream come true! I am already such a huge fan of BITE products, I have a few matte lip crayons, a couple amuse bouche lipsticks, the agave lip mask and now the lip pencils! I love BITE for a few reasons, but my top two are that they use good for you ingredients and that they’re from Canada!

    The two shades I was sent were 020 + 044, the first is a really pretty light nude, and the second is a deep burgundy/brown shade. They pair very  nicely with the mini lipsticks in honeycomb and whiskey. The formula of the pencils is fantastic. They are very highly pigmented, and have great coverage but feel very light on the lips. They could definitely be worn on their own, but as I said the amuse bouche lipsticks pair really well.

    I wore the shade 020 with the honeycomb lipstick, and it lasted about 6 hours without any noticeable fading. Keep in mind that I wasn’t eating any oily foods, but I did drink during that time. What I like most about these is that they don’t feel dry or dry out my lips, I can’t stand it when lip products dry out my lips and leave me looking all chapped and flaky. The other colour (044/whiskey) is honestly a bit dark for me (I am super pale), I can’t see myself wearing this day to day – however, it would be great for a really vampy look.

    If you want to see how 020 + Honeycomb looks on, you can click here. There are also more photos on my personal instagram page, so feel free to check it out. These lip pencils are now available at Sephora, retailing at $20 CAD, and come in so many gorgeous nude shades. I will definitely be picking up a couple more shades!



    Do you like wearing lip pencils? Let me know in the comments below!

    Until Next time,


    *I received these products complimentary from Influenster Canada for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. #TheLipPencil #Influenster



    Easy Slow Cooker Soup

    Between being sick on and off for what feels like forever and the rainy weather we’ve been having I’ve been loving my slow cooker (more than usual). I wanted to share my go-to chicken noodle soup recipes for those still on the hunt for the one. I love this because it’s simple and you can modify the recipe easily to suit your personal taste!



    6 cups of chicken broth

    1.5 cups water

    1/2 medium yellow onion diced

    2 chicken breasts

    3 large carrots chopped

    3 celery stalks chopped

    1/3 of a red pepper chopped

    3 cloves of garlic minced (about a tbsp of the pre-minced kind)

    1-2 cups of no-yolk egg noodles

    Salt + Pepper to taste


    1. Place everything except the noodles in the slow cooker, put on low for 6 hours.
    2. Once chicken is cooked, remove + shred
    3. Place back into slow cooker with noodles – leave for 5-10 minutes (or until noodles are cooked)
    4. Serve!


    This makes around 6-8 servings, and the original recipe can be found here!

    What is your go-to slow cooker meal? Let me know in the comments!!

    Until next time,


    My Top 4 Liquid Lipstick Brands

    Liquid lipsticks have been trendy for the last few years and honestly, they are a favourite of mine. I love anything that lasts all day (or requires minimal touch ups) and is transfer proof. Unfortunately a lot of liquid lipsticks can be crazy drying, and even get a little clumpy looking if you have to touch up! Today I’m sharing with you my favourite brands to buy liquid lips from, why I love them and a little about their formulas!

    1. Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paint: I’ve mentioned this a few times, so obviously you know I love it. The formula is really thin when applying, and it dries down completely within 30 seconds. This stuff is transfer proof, and really comfortable as far as liquid lips go! They have a great colour range, and I also love the applicator! It’s a doe foot with a slight curve which grabs the perfect amount of product. (Fave shades: XOXO and Delish, you’ll notice them on repeat in my instagram posts).

    2. Sephora Collection Liquid Lips: The Sephora Collection liquid lipstick was one of the first liquid lipsticks I ever bought. The formula is a bit thicker than the Tarte, but feels extra comfortable and lasts forever; even when eating (unless you’re eating an oil salad dressing or something). They released a bunch of new colours recently and the price point is decent at $18.  (Fave shades: Always Red + Blackberry! Theres a picture of me wearing blackberry here)

    3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: I feel like everyone knows that Kat Von D lipsticks are just awesome. The formula is super thin, which feels nice on the lips and the colours are amazing. I will say these can be a bit drying but overall I still reach for mine a lot! (Fave shades: Mother and Lolita – clearly Lolita lives in my purse… that packaging is worn).

    4. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick: I’ll be honest and tell you I only own 1 of these lipsticks but I am so impressed that I’m going to mention it. The formula is thicker, but not quite a mousse texture. The colour range is really impressive, and they wear really well. The only downside for me is that if you are touching it up it does become a bit thicker feeling which I don’t love. But overall for the price of $6 (USD) its well worth it!  (Fave and only shade so far: Mama).


    I hope this helped you choose a liquid lipstick if you don’t have one yet – and if you already have a collection let me know your favourite brands/colours!


    Until next time,