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March 2019

    Spring picks from Sevenoaks

    Spring is on its way (at least I hope so!), and with that comes new styles and pretty colours! I had the pleasure of going to my local mall and picked up a few pieces for spring!

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay – Noisy May
    Shoes: Footlocker – Adidas

    In BC our springs are kind of a whirl wind of sun, rain, blossoms and of course a storm or two! My spring picks reflect that in that they’re light weight, but also a little snuggly!

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Hat: Lids

    My first outfit is super casual and perfect for a school day, or running errands on the weekend! This sweater is thin but also super soft inside! I love the nude colour of it and I feel like it’s easy to wear with multiple outfits.

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Backpack: Hudson’s Bay (Topshop)

    Another piece I found at the bay was this really cute sweater that has a wrap detail on the front! I think that this is so flattering, and would also be super easy to dress up, or even wear to work!

    Shirt: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)

    I paired it with high waisted jeans, and my Steve Madden slip ons for a casual day time look. This is something I would totally wear to work, or out on a date night with my husband.

    Backpack: Hudson’s Bay (Topshop)
    Shoes: Soft Moc (Steve Madden Gills)

    My last pick was this super cute cardigan from Garage. I can’t say no to a grey sweater, and this one was too cute with the loose knit. I feel like this is a staple for spring because it is so simple but easy to pair with nearly everything.

    Cardigan: Garage

    Shoes: Soft Moc (Converse)

    I’ve styled everything pretty casual just because that’s how I like to dress, but each of these pieces could easily be dressed up a bit! Sevenoaks also has a ton of dresses and skirts if you’re the type to brave the rain and cooler temperatures in a BC spring!

    If you have time definitley go check out the new arrivals at Sevenoaks and tag them on social media with #styleatsevenoaks!

    Until next time,