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    Joico Damage Defy Review

    Hello friends! It’s been a while, hope you’re all doing well + enjoying Spring!

    Recently I was gifted the new Joico Damage Defy products and after trying them for over a month I’m ready to tell you all about them.

    The product range claims that  people experienced “80% less breakage, 5 times stronger hair, 90% maintenance of colour vibrancy, and immediate softness and shine after just one use”.

    To preface my hair type is fairly thick, dry, damaged and curly. I heat style my hair at least 4x a week and have my hair colored every few months. I’m also not posting about the shampoo in the range as it wasn’t something that worked for me personally. That being said, I do feel like it would be great for someone with extremely dry/coarse hair, it was just a little bit too rich for my hair.

    I love all of the other products in the line – they smell amazing and are packaged in easy to use bottles which is great! I’ve been using the conditioner every time that I was my hair for over a month and I have noticed a big difference in the smoothness and shine of my hair! The hair masque is great for a weekly treatment and makes my hair feel so soft.  Lastly, the protective shield treatment has a really mild but pleasant smell (very similar to the conditioner) and works really well without making my hair feeling like there is any product residue.

    I feel like the line does exactly what it claims to do, and I will definitely repurchase in the future!

    *you can find Joico products at most salons or order online from Ulta.

    Until next time,


    Spring picks from Sevenoaks

    Spring is on its way (at least I hope so!), and with that comes new styles and pretty colours! I had the pleasure of going to my local mall and picked up a few pieces for spring!

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay – Noisy May
    Shoes: Footlocker – Adidas

    In BC our springs are kind of a whirl wind of sun, rain, blossoms and of course a storm or two! My spring picks reflect that in that they’re light weight, but also a little snuggly!

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Hat: Lids

    My first outfit is super casual and perfect for a school day, or running errands on the weekend! This sweater is thin but also super soft inside! I love the nude colour of it and I feel like it’s easy to wear with multiple outfits.

    Sweater: Garage
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Backpack: Hudson’s Bay (Topshop)

    Another piece I found at the bay was this really cute sweater that has a wrap detail on the front! I think that this is so flattering, and would also be super easy to dress up, or even wear to work!

    Shirt: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)
    Jeans: Hudson’s Bay (Noisy May)

    I paired it with high waisted jeans, and my Steve Madden slip ons for a casual day time look. This is something I would totally wear to work, or out on a date night with my husband.

    Backpack: Hudson’s Bay (Topshop)
    Shoes: Soft Moc (Steve Madden Gills)

    My last pick was this super cute cardigan from Garage. I can’t say no to a grey sweater, and this one was too cute with the loose knit. I feel like this is a staple for spring because it is so simple but easy to pair with nearly everything.

    Cardigan: Garage

    Shoes: Soft Moc (Converse)

    I’ve styled everything pretty casual just because that’s how I like to dress, but each of these pieces could easily be dressed up a bit! Sevenoaks also has a ton of dresses and skirts if you’re the type to brave the rain and cooler temperatures in a BC spring!

    If you have time definitley go check out the new arrivals at Sevenoaks and tag them on social media with #styleatsevenoaks!

    Until next time,


    Review : Esqido Lashes

    I feel like lashes are very in right now, theres tons of new mascaras, and of course lash extensions, but theres also good ‘ol falsies! Now I do love extensions but unfortunately my eyes are a bit too sensitive, so falsies it is! Keeping this in mind I was so excited when Esqido  sent me a couple pairs of their lashes along with their glue to test out.

    Lashes shown are “XO

     For everyday I’m strictly a mascara kind of girl, but for a special night or occasion I like to amp it up. I usually have a difficult time with lashes, but for whatever reason these were easy! All I did was cut them to size and then used the ‘companion’ glue from Esqido on the band (let it get tacky) and placed them on my lash line with a pair of tweezers to apply and viola! They actually looked perfect.

    The lashes themselves are so beautiful and fluffy, the band is black and a bit thicker, but blends in so nicely with eyeliner. I wore them for around 8 hours and they stayed on and didn’t bother me at all, in fact I could hardly feel them!Esqido does sell mink lashes, but the ones pictured (and the only ones I have) are synthetic which is awesome! The synthetic line is called  Unisyn™ and they claim to be “the world’s first true premium synthetic false eyelashes, made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres for an ultra-natural look”.


    Overall I would say that I’m converted to their lashes, and will definitely purchase more in the future!

    Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram and on their site to see their beautiful lashes!


    Until next time,