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    Joico Damage Defy Review

    Hello friends! It’s been a while, hope you’re all doing well + enjoying Spring!

    Recently I was gifted the new Joico Damage Defy products and after trying them for over a month I’m ready to tell you all about them.

    The product range claims that  people experienced “80% less breakage, 5 times stronger hair, 90% maintenance of colour vibrancy, and immediate softness and shine after just one use”.

    To preface my hair type is fairly thick, dry, damaged and curly. I heat style my hair at least 4x a week and have my hair colored every few months. I’m also not posting about the shampoo in the range as it wasn’t something that worked for me personally. That being said, I do feel like it would be great for someone with extremely dry/coarse hair, it was just a little bit too rich for my hair.

    I love all of the other products in the line – they smell amazing and are packaged in easy to use bottles which is great! I’ve been using the conditioner every time that I was my hair for over a month and I have noticed a big difference in the smoothness and shine of my hair! The hair masque is great for a weekly treatment and makes my hair feel so soft.  Lastly, the protective shield treatment has a really mild but pleasant smell (very similar to the conditioner) and works really well without making my hair feeling like there is any product residue.

    I feel like the line does exactly what it claims to do, and I will definitely repurchase in the future!

    *you can find Joico products at most salons or order online from Ulta.

    Until next time,


    My Top 4 Liquid Lipstick Brands

    Liquid lipsticks have been trendy for the last few years and honestly, they are a favourite of mine. I love anything that lasts all day (or requires minimal touch ups) and is transfer proof. Unfortunately a lot of liquid lipsticks can be crazy drying, and even get a little clumpy looking if you have to touch up! Today I’m sharing with you my favourite brands to buy liquid lips from, why I love them and a little about their formulas!

    1. Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paint: I’ve mentioned this a few times, so obviously you know I love it. The formula is really thin when applying, and it dries down completely within 30 seconds. This stuff is transfer proof, and really comfortable as far as liquid lips go! They have a great colour range, and I also love the applicator! It’s a doe foot with a slight curve which grabs the perfect amount of product. (Fave shades: XOXO and Delish, you’ll notice them on repeat in my instagram posts).

    2. Sephora Collection Liquid Lips: The Sephora Collection liquid lipstick was one of the first liquid lipsticks I ever bought. The formula is a bit thicker than the Tarte, but feels extra comfortable and lasts forever; even when eating (unless you’re eating an oil salad dressing or something). They released a bunch of new colours recently and the price point is decent at $18.  (Fave shades: Always Red + Blackberry! Theres a picture of me wearing blackberry here)

    3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: I feel like everyone knows that Kat Von D lipsticks are just awesome. The formula is super thin, which feels nice on the lips and the colours are amazing. I will say these can be a bit drying but overall I still reach for mine a lot! (Fave shades: Mother and Lolita – clearly Lolita lives in my purse… that packaging is worn).

    4. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick: I’ll be honest and tell you I only own 1 of these lipsticks but I am so impressed that I’m going to mention it. The formula is thicker, but not quite a mousse texture. The colour range is really impressive, and they wear really well. The only downside for me is that if you are touching it up it does become a bit thicker feeling which I don’t love. But overall for the price of $6 (USD) its well worth it!  (Fave and only shade so far: Mama).


    I hope this helped you choose a liquid lipstick if you don’t have one yet – and if you already have a collection let me know your favourite brands/colours!


    Until next time,