Microbladed Brows

As many of you know the new thing to do it have your eyebrows (lips or eyeliner) tattooed. The actual tattoo is unlike your typical one as it’s done with iron based pigments that will absorb into your body over time – thus fading your tattoo. But honestly when it comes to your face fading away is a lot better than lasting forever because lets face it, trends change, and we change!

This was my second time having my eyebrows microbladed, the first time I had some trouble with healing and the tattoo sadly did not last. That being said I was still up to try again. I came across Carolina’s instagram page and after seeing posts of other dark haired ladies with beautiful brows I had to send her a message + book!

In the initial appointment you get to chat about your brows and what you want, she then measures your face and outlines where she will add the hair strokes. Then you sit with numbing cream for around 20 minutes and then start! The process isn’t entirely painless, but she continues to numb you if you’re experiencing pain. As you can see in the photo below, I have basically no hair after my arch, she put a lot of strokes in the area so that it would match the density of my existing eyebrow hairs (this is also because my brow hairs are super dark where I have them). The bottom photo is right after my appointment, the next couple of days after your brows appear much darker and more defined, they then begin to flake off (sort of like dandruff) and they look a bit faded. This is normal. After a couple weeks they begin to get a bit darker and take their true colour!

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Top: Before Tattoo | Bottom: After initial tattoo


Top: Before Tattoo | Middle: After initial appointment | Bottom: After touchup

I am so incredibly happy that I got them done, and I would really recommend investing in having your eyebrows tattooed if its something that bothers you or if you’re just looking to simplify your makeup routine!

 You can check out her website here, and her instagram has a ton of great photos for reference.

You can also check out photos on my personal instagram page @jadedallasharms.

Would you consider having your eyebrows tattooed? Let me know in the comments!

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