Setting Goals

As I said before in my last post, this year as part of my back to work/school preparation I’m setting goals for myself. I’ve never been big on setting goals for the year because I always second guess myself, and focus on my failures. That being said, this year is going to be different (at least I hope so)! My goals are more so focused on my own well-being versus being focused on specific milestones.

If theres anything I’ve learned from the past year it’s that I’m not taking care of myself, and I’m putting myself under too much pressure. My anxiety has been at an all time high, and I’ve been getting sick for the last few months (non-stop). So this year I want to take time to put myself first, and really focus on my health and happiness.

  1. Take time for self care. I’m going start slowly and aim to take 10 minutes a day, and increase it with time. I think it’s so easy to feel guilty for taking time for myself, especially when theres a million things to be done, but it’s so important to take time out and care for yourself.
  2. Spend more time on hobbies rather than watching TV.
  3. Make time for date nights. It’s so easy to let day to day things consume our lives and not make real time to spend together. I’m talking non-interrupted, no-device time together.
  4. Read more! I feel like everyone says this… and for a good reason. Reading is such a great way to spend time. Not only learning new things but just keeping your mind sharp. I used to really love reading and somehow I’ve just let it slip. I’m going to start slow and aim for 5 books this year (not inlcuding books for class)
  5. Lastly, of course, exercise. I’ve found in the last couple of months that besides the obvious benefits of being in better health/shape it has been very helpful to dealing with my stress and anxiety.


Do you set goals for yourself each year? If so how do you keep track + meet them? Let me know in the comments!




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