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September always feels like the new year to me, I work in a school and I’m also a university student so it’s a big change from the summer. While I’m in school organization is key for me! I’m really not sure how I would function without my lists, calendars and sticky notes! I thought since my organization is so important to me I would share a few of my favourite things from STIL Classics!

A planner is always a must for me, and this year I decided to try something new so I purchased the 6 month planner from STIL Classics! What drew me to this planner was the day plan + task list. It’s also undated so it gives me the flexibility to start the planner literally whenever I want to!

I also got the planning stickers and washi tape to use in conjunction with my planner and honestly, they are so convenient! If your the type of person who loves planning but isn’t big on writing (or just loves stickers) you will love these! The washi tape is also so fun to create a little pizazz on a day where I have a fun event or occasion!

In addition to a planner, I absolutely need a notebook (or 5, let’s just be honest). Whether I’m in classes or not I love to have a new notebook to jot down ideas, blog posts, or of course notes when I am in class! This one has become a fast favourite for me; I just love the simplicity of the cover and the quality of the paper!

Lastly, I found something new! This frosted plastic pouch has been a lifesaver! I got the larger size which is the perfect size to fit any regular sized document, and it even has some extra room so it’s easy to throw in my notebook + planner. The best part about it, and kind of why I bought it is because it keeps everything important safe + dry!

If you’re looking to get a new planner or any other stationary essentials I highly recommend STIL classics, there’s just something so perfect about the simple design and quality that goes into each and every product!

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